Where To Start?

After going through the Introduction, Self-Management, Wholeness and Evolutionary Purpose sections, it’s time to start the journey towards a more mindful and efficient restaurant industry – one bar at a time. Whether you are transforming an existing bar or planning to create a Teal bar from scratch, the following posts will help you enable Teal practices to thrive at your workplace.

The following posts/Every post will have examples, case studies and hands on tips to guide you bla bla. But remember, this is not a one off framework or list to success. It takes time and effort to succeed and the level of dedication to certain breakthrough depends on the team you work with. Situational. Building blocks. Things to mainly focus (hiring process, onboarding, training, upholding Teal, communication (non-violent), Spiik pyramidi, Tito keskustelut (notes), conflict, roles, advice process. FIX THIS PARAGRAPH OBVIOUSLY

Two necessary conditions for Teal to emerge in an organization/restaurant (explain these)?

  1. Top Leadership
  2. Ownership

Transforming an existing organization/bar to become closer to Teal

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Starting a Teal Organization/bar (Mate stuff here too?)

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