What is Mate Hospitality?

After a hectic, fulfilling but also tiring summer, I think it’s time to have a bit of a self-reflective moment. Since I founded Mate Hospitality in May 23rd, 2020, I’ve tried to explain and put in words what it is that I’m doing, what is Mate Hospitality? Is it a learning platform, a leadership program, a community, a consultant agency or yet another burned-out and enlightened bartender singing kumbaya on the world wide web? People need labels, I get that.

So you are telling me, people can’t get inside my head and know what I know and feel what I feel? Who knew! I guess I started this whole thing without it being a finished item, but that’s ok. Down the road I came up with a few different explanations and all of them ended up being either too broad to really get a grasp of what’s going on, or too detailed, so that they didn’t fit into the classic elevator pitch form. Unless there were over 300 floors for the elevator to climb up…

One thing I know for sure is that this makes me happy. It genuinely does, even though it is hard sometimes and it might be taxing some of my sleep. But after finishing a post, a presentation or a chat with a like-minded person about these matters, I get energized. I feel warmth and meaningfulness, like I’m meant to do this. Don’t ask me why, that’s just who I am. And that must be ok too. Life is funny like that. We don’t always get to hear the explanation. We just, know it. Feel it.

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Through anecdotes, stories and case studies from real life I’m trying to share with you that feeling that I feel. To put in words what inspires me and maybe you find it inspiring too. However, I can’t give you universal answers on how things should always be done at any given set-up. People are different, venues are different, environments are different.

I have recently discovered that I can keep focusing on frameworks related to organizational development and design. I can give you ideas and guidance, but you will have to do the work eventually. Yeah sorry, you are not getting rich overnight here. It’s similar how service design and creating customer paths are topics that can be discussed, shared, taught and learnt from others but eventually one has to do it their own way depending their venue size, style and service model.

In the modern world there is no better way to say what something is than putting a limit of 150 characters and calling it an Instagram bio. Here is what I have so far:

“Mindful Hospitality. Reinventing the way we run bars with Teal frameworks.
Advocating for bartenders’ self-management, wholeness and purpose.”

So, what is Mate Hospitality you ask? I believe we can say it’s a platform of some sort. Consultant agency? Maybe in the future. A community? Hopefully. One thing I know for sure is that, it’s a part of me. It’s about how I perceive life and what I believe the world should be. It’s about universal concepts I’ve learnt and which I consider useful and as “the right thing to do”. So here I am, trying to climb to the highest mountain to share what I’ve learnt this time. Not everyone wants to hear me, or cares, even if they do hear me. That’s ok too. We are all different. We are all human.

Cheer mates!

Mika Ammunét

P.S. You can read through my five first posts right here, to get a deeper overlook what the Teal is all about.

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