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Hey mate! Thanks for tuning in to our Tales of the Cocktail Roundtable – A New Operational Paradigm: Building a Personnel-Focused Future.

Many know, WHAT we were talking about

Most know, WHY we are bringing this up

But few know, HOW to proceed with this

To support the one’s who feel like the seminar was right up their alley, I have gathered some additional resources for you to get familiar with the Teal paradigm mentioned in the discussion.

Down below you can also find a resource list of books, podcasts and Instagram profiles to follow to support your journey. Have fun!

How did we get here? A simple snapshot about the five different worldviews found in today’s organizations and what their typical characteristics are. It’s good to remember that one view is not necessarily better than the other. It only means that it’s well adapted to certain complex issues within its specific context, compared to the others. Furthermore, one organization can embody several views within its culture and is rarely operating 100% within one paradigm.

How can venues become more self-organized? It all starts with solid foundations. Then, by consciously reorganizing the way we operate we can climb the ladders up towards collective intelligence, adapting to the world that unfolds in front of us.

Further your knowledge and get involved by following these Instagram profiles and adding these books to your wish list.

If you really feel like digging in to this subject, you can read the more comprehensive blog posts found on this site. Brew a nice pot of tea and start from the introduction and work your way from there. The posts are 5-7min reads so it’s convenient to go through them while commuting to work or even to your mates place.

You can always reach out to me via Instagram DM or emailing mate.hospitality@gmail.com.

Cheers mates!

– Mika Ammunét / Founder of Mate Hospitality

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